Checking Accounts

  • Freedom Rewards Checking

    Freedom Rewards Checking

    Earn rewards with this free high-interest checking account. Plus, ATM refunds nationwide.*


  • StartFresh Checking®

    StartFresh Checking®

    Everyone deserves a second chance. No minimum balance makes it easy to rebuild your finances, improve your credit, and get back on track.


  • Traditional Checking

    Traditional Checking

    Tried and true, this traditional account is simple to open and simple to maintain, whether you're new to checking or have been banking for years.


  • Freedom Checking

    Freedom Checking

    This account earns interest on minimum balances of $5,000. Enjoy the freedom of Fraud Protection Plus and easy ways to avoid oppressive fees.


  • Senior Checking

    Senior Checking

    Seniority rules with this account — our customers 55 and over get to earn interest on their entire balance, for a mere $25 opening deposit.