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Our Commitment To Making More Possible!

At CCFBank, Making More Possible is a way of life.  Our goal, each and every day, is to show our customers that we can make more possible for them!  While most banks are guided by limitations, CCFBank is guided by possibilities.  Whatever our customer’s dream, we’ll find a way to make it happen.  All so they can get more out of their money – and their life. 

As a team, we provide financial education to customers and community members alike.  One of our most supported literacy programs allows us to teach Junior Achievement curriculums in all of the communities we serve.  Additionally, In conjunction with the Altoona School District, CCFBank has an in-school Student Saver program which is monitored by employees but student lead.

Our History

If there’s one constant at CCFBank, it is change.  Originally established in 1938 as a credit union serving local co-op members, we have met a host of challenges head on to become the bank that we are today.  We’ve weathered changes in our economy, rising and falling interest rates, evolving loan and deposit products, changes in the makeup of our locations, and increasing regulatory and compliance demands.  Despite all of this, we’ve continued to increase our market footprint and customer base through mergers and acquisitions and organic growth.  We continue to gain strength and are poised for future success. 

Where We Are — and Where We're Going

As a federally chartered bank based in Altoona, Wisconsin with more than $1.6 billion in assets, with deposit and loan products available online and in our branch locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  We specialize in personal consumer products, work with business and agricultural professionals, and provide commercial and residential lending. CCFBank has provided both residents and businesses of the areas we serve a wide range of secure and dependable services for more than eighty years.  We explore new technology that will deliver enhanced benefits to our customers and increase operations efficiency.  We strive to be the bank our communities trust to Make More Possible.

At CCFBank we are not afraid of change — we welcome it and are confident to say we're prepared for it! Change has been a critical component of our development as a community bank and has helped us to become the strong financial institution we are today and will be for years to come.  Moving forward, CCFBank will continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through convenience, personalized customer service, and of course, our commitment to “Making More Possible”. 


CCFBank®  MakingMorePossible™